Prayer To The Sun

Merciless one with eyes which have never seen
  the darkness!
Liberator breaking the ice with golden
Save me.

Straight as thin lines are the flower stalks sucked
  on high:
closer to you shall the trellices tremble.
The trees hurl their might like pillars towards
  your glory:
only up there
do they spread their light-thirsty leafy embrace,

You drew man
from an earthbound stone with blind eyes
to wandering swaying plant with heavenly winds
  about its brow.
Yours is the stalk and the stem. Yours is my 

Save it.
Not my life. Not my skin.
No gods reign over the outer world.
With darkened eyes and broken limbs
it is yours, you who lived upright
and you are with the one who dies upright
when darkness devours darkness.

The rumbling rises. The night swells.
Life shimmers so deeply precious.
Save, save, seeing god,
what you gave.

Translated into English by Jenny Nunn in "To a friend".

Swedish original

Copyright © 1997:
Translation from Swedish into English: Jenny Nunn

Published with the permission of:
Jenny Nunn, translation.
May and Hans Mehlin, Layout.